“Loving Me Through it” 

How can I put this into words because I don’t know how to! I’m in awe of God and how he is working and how he brought me you. You help me through things unlike anyone. You understand me, you don’t judge me, you’re there always. You make me laugh when I need it, you’re always there to hold me tight or kiss me. You understand my illness and you accept it and continue to make me feel like I’m worth everything to you. You’re there to help me and understand me and my illness. You make me feel so special, loved, and secure. I’m just so happy and filled with joy because you’re in my life and that we have each other. From being strangers, friends, to a couple. I wouldn’t ever take anything back. Everything that happened in my past I’m glad it did. I have you and it’s worth being in pain and having this illness. I love you so much babe and you mean a lot to me you’re family does too. You are my true soul mate my best friend. You bring out the best in me and we bring out the best in each other. You’ve seen me at my worst and continue to be there and tell me I’m beautiful when I need to hear it. We can be crazy, weird, and funny together and have the weirdest conversations, but have serious conversations too. You’re always helpful and uplifting and continue to keep me from thinking about things or my illness. From the moment we started talking to now I just can’t believe we are here. It’s like we are destined to be together and I’m grateful for our relationship and you. You’re a true king 👑 and I love you 💕 babe. 

“Achey Bones”

Lately I started not feeling good again. I’ve had a few days where I’m in bed and can’t move. I can’t do anything just wanna lay in bed and sleep. I haven’t been sleeping good either. Been feeling really fatigued & lethargic. My bones have been hurting. It hasn’t been fun. Staying up until 5am in the morning is not working for me anymore. I started taking Vitamin D3 500 plus Calcium chewies and take my daily Vitamin D3 2,000 IU. I also just started taking Melatonin Beauty Sleep with Vitamin D3 in it only 200 though. Hopefully this will help me and my bones feel somewhat better. My bones feel so fragile and so does my body. I really hope this helps me I need sleep & need to feel better. I got vacation coming up with my lovely man!❤I cannot wait. 

“A Father’s Day”

Gonna take a moment to step away from the Fibro posts and talk about how much I love my Dad. Since it’s Father’s Day. From when I first got diagnosed to my hardest times. When I call him and need him he’s there. He’s always here for me when I need him. He’s been through a lot with my mom and me. I know that can tire a person out. But he needs to know how much I’m thankful for him & how much he means to me. He does a lot for me and provides too! I really do love him and I know he has a hard time seeing me struggle and doesn’t know how to help me or my mom. I know it frustrates him. I know it upsets him. He works hard and provides for us. You’re not perfect never will be. But you love and care for us.  You are appreciated and loved more than you know Dad! Know matter what we all go through and what we’ve been through. I love you Daddy! I’ll always be your little girl no matter how old I get! ❤

Insomnia(Late Owl Issue)

Ever since I was a baby I was always awake around 3:30-4:00 am in the morning. Through out my teens to now I’m still a night owl. I just have struggled with actually falling asleep early, or if I slept too much I didn’t feel rested, yet I could stay awake all night. Insomnia is definitely not easy. Recently had a bad infection and it was keeping me awake. I didn’t realize it but I was struggling sleeping, because my body wasn’t feeling good. I’ve tried a lot of different sleeping techniques but they don’t really help!!!! Unless I put the tv on and watch something boring! I try to say one sheep two sheep, then end up with one fish two fish red fish blue fish… haha. I’m always awake! Like right now it is exactly 3:30 am and I’m wide awake!!!! I either never get enough sleep or too much sleep!! The struggle is real!!!! I either have energy or no energy at all!! My brain doesn’t know when to shut off and go to sleep!!! I wish I could hit the pillow and fall asleep!!! But I’m a night owl!! 🦉 

Vitamin D! You need the D! 

I use to have not enough Vitamin D in my system. I would get blood work done at my Rheumatologist and it would be low. My rheumatologist told me how it was low and he had to give me 50,000 IU pill or something like that to get it back up. How it’s important to keep taking vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is an important part to healthy bones. If you dont have enough it can make you sick. I remember when my vitamin D was low and it would make me feel so sick. I would be in bed for days and I would feel like I got ran over. It was a horrible feeling. Taking vitamin D or making sure you get sun is important too. It has become a lifestyle for me. My struggle with low vitamin D went on for a couple of years then I recently in January 2017 started adding more Vitamin D to my diet and eating better. Shortly after that I have had clear blood results then on. If you have Lupus any other autoimmune disease. Make sure you take your vitamins. Not too much though. But important you take Vitamin D. It will change the way your body feels if you give it time and keep up with it. It is extremely important to make sure you take care of yourself and listen to your body at all times. You need to keep your bones healthy! Taking 2,000 IU or even 4,000 IU will help a lot!!! Just ask your doctor!!! 

Yesterday was different..

Yesterday was different it’s been a long time since I went swimming without feeling sick, achey, chills, stiffness; and everything lupus had to offer. However I went swimming yesterday and I actually enjoyed swimming. Although I felt fatigued and sore muscles, but I would take that over feeling like I had the flu everyday. I don’t have that flu like feeling anymore. I had woken up with bad back pain but it eventually went away with swimming and when I got home I slept and slept. I still have the fatigue like crazy but I feel somewhat better. Still have unexplained symptoms and issues still. One day at a time. Hold On Pain Ends… (HOPE) 🦋🦋🦋🦋

Those Days..

It’s hard when one day you feel good and the next day you feel bad. I know my Fibromyalgia gets flared up usually excessive amount of heat and activities. Sometimes I wake up for only an hour and fall asleep for 2-3 hours. The fatigue can make you want to sleep for an entire day straight, maybe possibly just sleep the next couple of days. That not healthy though. My body gets flared up out of no where sometimes. Although it has to do with nerves. I noticed I cannot take certain medications anymore for the pain. It has to be baby dosages of Tylenol or ibuprofen. Anymore high dosages make me feel sick. I sometimes have unexplainable brain fog, fatigue, and pain. Which is caused from the Fibromyalgia.  I have tired to take B-12 and B-12 drinks for the fatigue but I can’t because I have a bad reaction to them. Usually just drinking lemonade or a sugary drink will give me energy for a short amount of time. Did I mention taking showers is a constant back and forth with hot and cold water. The water is either to cold or to hot. Fibromyalgia makes the body heat and cold sensitive, so I try to shower in somewhat cold water to much heat makes me feel sick. I try to avoid taking a long shower to. I also try to just not stress because stress is a huge factor. I know the anxiety from the pain causes me to flare up. So I try to just distract my mind daily and not think about it so much. Mind over matter it really helps. So don’t stress because once you stress here comes the nerve pain! Try to relax if you can! It will help you tremendously! It helps me! You can get through any bad or good day if you set your mind to it! You just have to tell yourself that! 

“The Fibro Is Real”

I decided to have a high lighted topic on Fibromyalgia and how it is real. How any pain and autoimmune diseases are real. Fibromyalgia is a generalized nerve issue a lot of woman have, like myself. I have had it for along time. It is real pain. For instance going to the doctor and saying I hurt everywhere, or being examined in just one part that hurts. Then when the doctor moves the the opposite still hurts. You kinda just get the look like so it hurts everywhere? I remember going to the ER having abdominal pain had a cyst at the time. I was also having other pain issues and the doctor asked me where it was hurting, he didn’t say specifically but I told him both sides, and my rib cage was hurting and my lower abdominal when he pressed on it. He looked at me puzzled. I said I have Fibromyalgia and I have pain everywhere. He was like ohhhhh okay. He was like let’s just focus on this particular spot, I was like yeah that’s better because I have pain everywhere else. It was really difficult and still is going to the doctor and complaining you don’t feel good, or you’re hurting everywhere. It’s hard for them to help you. Usually it’s just a real struggle most of the time. They really should call Fibromyalgia (Fibromyalgbera) because it is a problem alot of doctors cannot solve. It then becomes a struggle with the fatigue, the brain fog, the nerve pain, stomach pain, and all the other issues combined with this mysterious diagnosis. If you have Fibromyalgia like myself you know for sure that you have pain. Certain weather conditions, temperatures, activities cause You Fibromyalgia pain. Although there are medications. I cannot take them because I am highly sensitive to those medications. Fibromyalgia continues today to be difficult it can disable you from working because it effects the brain, the nerves, and the body. So if anyone ever says it’s in your head the pain, slap them please. I’m serious though people don’t understand pain until they go through it themselves. You know your body so speak up! It is a real struggle! The Fibro struggle is real! 

Introduction To FibroDiva!

I am a FibroDiva, why do I call myself this and why I created this blog. Simply to encourage and help woman dealing with autoimmune diseases everyday, Fibromyalgia, MS(Multiple Sclerosis), and many other chronic illnesses. List goes on. I found a passion for encouraging and helping those because I have struggled a lot in my life. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and I had Fibromyalgia. Being so young I was so down on myself, although I stayed as positive as I could. The doctor put me on many different medications nothing really helped. I didn’t want to have to take any medications because it scared me I was so young. Every medicine I tried made me have bad reactions and I was sick from them. I refused it but I had to be on prednisone because the doctor wanted me to go into remission or it would help me with my symptoms. I saw a rheumatologist from 2011-2012, and continued with struggling everyday. I had lupus and I knew I did because something wasn’t right, my mom got diagnosed with it too, her diagnosis was Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis she had never been diagnosed with it before. But once she got checked out I did. I carried the positive A&A. SHORTLY after that I continued to struggle with daily activities, swimming, the sun, I avoided going out in the sun because I would get so weak and tired and flared up. I use to have flare ups so bad,  I would be in bed for a few days at a time sometimes everyday. I just didn’t have the energy or strength to do anything. It was very hard at such a young age. Continuing to struggle with it it became off and on from 2011-2016.. You know I use to think I was the only one struggling with this, but my mom was and has been my biggest help and support. She would cry when I told her I was in pain and wasn’t feeling good. She had thought she did something wrong in her pregnancy with me, although I’m her miracle baby and she had to give herself shots because she had gestational diabetes with me. I know she fought everyday with not feeling good and having to give herself shots to keep me alive. The doctor did spill the amniotic fluid all over the floor one day, so she never got any results on what or if I ever had anything wrong with me. Maybe it’s better she didn’t know or find out. However now being in my 20s I know the pain and struggle and through out my life it was difficult dealing with the symptoms and complications. Once I turned 18 I got sick a lot and could catch anything in the air. It continued. However now I’m 22 and recently I got my blood results back from rheumatologist  they checked for everything in my blood RA & Lupus, Celiac Disease, A&A, pretty much the whole panel. 6 viles worth and I was told everything came back normal. However it doesn’t explain my current issues with fatigue extreme, pain in my back, legs, and everywhere else. I get numbness in my legs and feet and back and get disconnected from my legs to my brain at times it’s very scary. I do have Fibromyalgia, however I still struggle with dizziness, lightheaded, not standing for periods of times without losing feelings in my legs, tingling in my face, lips, shoulders. I’m still a mystery diagnosis. My journey has been a long road but I’m thankful for my parents who have seen me through all my pain, struggles, complications, and challenges in my life. I’m so thankful for my boyfriend he is so helpful, loving, caring, and always there when I need him through the pain.    They helped me in anyway: I’m not sure how I became normal in my blood results, but I’m thankful my auto immune system is healthy again. I can’t be more thankful for God. I know somehow my body healed and I fought it long and hard for 6 1/2 years. I still continue to struggle with Fibromyalgia and my other symptoms. I don’t take any medications anymore I refuse to, maybe eating healthy not taking any medications doctors wanted to try, keeping stress-free although there has been stress from the pain of my illness I somehow fought it. I am autoimmune diseased free. I still don’t have answers to what’s causing my current symptoms but I hope and pray that this journey becomes easier. As I have noticed I’m starting to feel somewhat healthy again. Although I still get very fatigued.. I have woman in support groups that have become like family to me like sisters. I’m not saying woohoo I’m 100% healthy because I’m not, but if you knew the road and journey I’ve had to go through.. makes me want to cry because it’s been hard. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.. Whatever you’re going through it will get better and always pay attention to how you feel, and take care of yourself it’s extremely important. Never get down on yourself because it’s not your fault you have what you have. Most important stick up for yourself and never let anyone tell you otherwise of how you feel. Remember only you know. Each day is hard but there will be good days and bad days. Keep your chin up and know things will get better. I hope you can feel encouraged as you continue to fight each and everyday. I’m still fighting. My journey still continues. Much love to all who are struggling and fighting.