God is Always There.

My boyfriend and I talk everyday on his breaks at work, however something caught my attention. While I was in a lot of pain and talking to him he said he came across a bible on a table where he always sits. I asked him if it had a name on it. He said it was just sitting there it was one of those mini bibles. Then again on his next break he said the Bible was still there, and even on his last. I was quite sure the Lord was showing a sign of being here for me and us. Even before he left he said it was still there. I told my boyfriend the Lord knows how much he worries, loves, and cares for me. He wishes he could do something to help me or just be there. I simply reminded him God is reminding you he’s there when you feel helpless and not being able to help me while you’re at work. I truly believe it. He’s there always for you me and us. It’s reassuring he’s looking out for us in hard times. God is taking care of me and us. Just something small reminder of God is such a good feeling. 


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