God Gave Me A Gift

I met this guy and he’s not like any guy. He actually is really sweet, funny, and handsome. He’s down to earth, laid back, kind, humble, protective, loving, and gentle. He has the sweetest smile and when we make eye contact it makes me melt inside. He has the sweetest touch and a very loving personality unlike any human guy expect for a few in my life. I’ve never seen in someone in a very long time. He’s not just any guy. He’s my best friend; lover, other half, and partner. He’s my encourager and helps me build strength everyday. He helps me through my good and my bad times. He rubs my head, kisses me, holds me, and tells me it’s gonna be okay. He cries with me, laughs with me, hugs me, kisses me, and makes me feel like the most important girl.. He is the sweetest and kindest man. When we are apart I feel like I’m missing the man I’ve fallen in love with. Every moment and second we are together there is so much caring, loving, and joy.


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